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Sunday, August 14, 2011


The next morning I was awoken by clanging and loud impacts on our shuttle-home. I looked out the window to see my dad getting tools from our tool supply, he was in a hurry to our new neighbors shuttle. "They must be setting up the shuttle into it's house formation" I thought to myself. I brushed my teeth, got dressed, ate some Pop Tarts, and suited up to play outside. Imagine, being in my day and age and putting on a space-suit just to play outside! I turned on the Light Gatherer and it made a lovely set of stairs for me that glowed a beautiful yellow-cream color. I made my way down the steps, and finally...the soft surface of the Moon, I touched the ground gently, this is my favorite part about coming outside, the moment gravity completely escapes my feet! I took one slow step at a time, the Pop Tart's sugar started to do it's job, it wasn't long until I was jumping over craters and large Moon rocks. My helmet radio was receiving a call, it was from my mom "dear, come to the house, I want you to do a favor for me." I replied "okay, I'll be there soon!" When I got to our house my mom was standing out front, and surprisingly with Angel! My heart raced, I was a about to die of suffocation even though I had a helmet on. Strands of her Red-Burnett hair floated out into her helmet, my eyes were getting lost in her's "Lion-" my mom interrupted my train of thought "I want you to play with Angel while I go help Mrs. Cardinal arrange her house, and play nice." My mom left me with the one person I could be alone with any day, I was already exhausted just from the thought of being near her! Then she spoke for the first time ever, that was the day my heart went into her all the way "Lion your name was? That's a very awesome name you have!" She said with a young and flourishing voice. "Thanks" I smiled "and yours is Angel right?" she replied "yes" I swear every moment she spoke I was about to die! "well the name suits you well!" she blushed, then replied ", what do you wanna play?" I had just about a million games I only knew how to play alone, my first time playing with another person! I said "I don't know, what do you want to play?" she replied "have you ever played Hide and Seek?" my brain raced, trying to remember how to reply to a question, then I finally said "no, but I'm willing to play anything you want to play!" and that was the start of our friendship.

The Earth had made 12 full rotations by the time we were exhausted and laughing. The Cardinal's space-home was just about finished and our moms were preparing a group dinner, then I got a call from my mom "time to come home dear! And bring Angel!" I answered back "yes mom". So Angel and I headed back to the shuttle, I turned on the Light Gatherer and we headed up the stairs. When we made it inside, we took our space-suits off and washed up for supper. Thing about space is that there are no tables, because there is no gravity to keep it down, so we all ate in comfortable positions floating in mid-air. When we were done, the Cardinals suited up to go outside, before they left Mr. Cardinal turned to my dad and I and said "tomorrow I'm taking you, Angel and your dad with me to the Space Station where I work. I think it will be very educational for you two" my dad smiled and said "I'll see you bright and early so we can flag the taxi ship down" Mr. Cardinal shook his head in approval and said "all right! see you then!" they walked into the
"deflation room" as my mom called it, because the air got sucked out whenever we left that part of the ship. As they went out the main hatch, I watched them leave through the window, Angel turned around and winked at me, I blushed and waved goodbye.

The next day, was a very special day! Mr. Cardinal and my dad were taking Angel and I, to work with them at the Orbiting Space Serpent. A very large serpent like space-craft that moved like a serpent in order to maintain it's orbit around Earth. "Pack up your lunch, your going to want your wireless helmet radio, and perhaps a Touch 'n' Log notebook". I gathered my things and went outside to meet Angel, she had all her things ready, she told me she didn't sleep all 64 rotations of Earth. Then Mr. Cardinal came out with my dad, they were laughing at some random joke then came over to meet us, Mr. Cardinal said "why good morning Lion! how did you sleep?" I replied with a stronger voice now that I knew his behavior a lot better "good morning Mr. Cardinal" he nodded his head, as if he was affirming an order, then he turned to Angel "can you believe it!? only been here 245 rotations of Earth and we are already headed back home! well, not permanently, we live here now, but you know what I mean" he gave Angel a wink. Angel replied "I KNOW! I can't wait to show Lion where we used to live!" my dad spoke "Lion, your gonna have a pretty adventurous time on the Serpent!" I smiled, all this talk about things I didn't know just made me more anxious and more nervous. "HERE COMES THE SHUTTLE!" yelled Mr. Cardinal. I looked up to see a rather small but decent sized ship, it landed and a man came out, he had blue eyes and brown hair, and looked like a movie star out of the old films my dad showed me, with George Clooney and  Liem Neeson. The man spoke "you folks ready, if yes get in the ship now, i'm on a tight schedule!" my dad replied "yes sir! you lead the way!". We made our way to the ship, I looked back at our Rocket-Homes, they were silent, like they were waiting for us to leave, wishing us luck on our journey.

The trip took 5 Earth days, but I didn't care, it was amazing! My first time seeing the stars at this distance, the moon had gotten smaller and smaller, the Earth had gotten fairly larger, but it looked beautiful! I used to look at it through my telescope, now it was right in front of me! Big. Blue. And Green. My dad came through the hatch from the cockpit "look son! we're almost there!" I looked out the window and saw what looked like a large Dragon, the Orbiting Space Serpent, was a beauty in it's own way.

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