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Thursday, July 21, 2011


The shuttle landed, and it took about an hour for the gears and engines to stabilize. The huge syringe like shuttle had a beautiful logo on its side, it was a bright green, like the green on an old Greek coin, and the shape was a silhouette of a Pegasus with a fiery main that was a dark crimson color. I gazed at it as steam arose from its bottom and a hatch opened up from its side, then the Light Gatherer wove light particles together making a bright blue color, and holding the light together, it made a series of solid objects that resembled stairs. Two adults came out of the shuttle and came up to my parents. "Greetings!" said the young looking man on the left, he had blue-ish  brown eyes, with a beard that looked lightly trimmed and well maintained. "you must be our new neighbors! Mr. and Mrs. Naut?" said the man. My father replied "that's us! I got the message on my monitor that a new family would be joining us on the Moon!". The man smiled and said "I'm Doctor Erik Cardinal, and this is my wife Julia" the woman had brown hair and green eyes that looked tired from the long trip here. My father shook hands with the two people, this was my first time meeting people not from this location, I was a bit shy but at the same time anxious to meet these strangers, then Dr. Cardinal spoke "and this is my daughter Angel" a girl about my height who looked of the age of 12 came out from behind Mrs. Cardinal, I looked at her and my eyes grew wide, my first time seeing a girl my age, she had red hair with a little bit of almond color and a dark crimson at the roots, she had green eyes like her mother, and a some what narrow face, an elegant grace to her gaze, and cute personality...I was in love, Angel, such a delicate name, I couldn't wait to find out more about this mysterious being. My father spoke up not allowing me to think peacefully-"my name is James Glory, and this is my wife Madeline, and this young man is my son, LionEyes" Dr. Cardinal looked at me and put his hand out "hello LionEyes" I stared at his hand not knowing what to do "shake his hand" my father muttered under his breath, I shook his hand and nervously said "hello", and that was the day I will never forget, because that's the day I first saw pure beauty.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My First Steps

When I first awoke, my eye's gaze was first attracted to the logo of a beautiful Red Lion, the simple detail and genius of the design was a sight for sore eyes. My head turned to a brown haired woman, and I was in the arms of a red haired man, my eyes shut tight for I was too young and too new to keep them open.
That was not my first step, but it was my first memory.

My first step, was when I was 3 years old, it was dark out, and the only thing I could see was a big blue and green and white ball surrounded by white lights, I had a small rubber outfit on that covered my whole body, and a 2 layered plexi-glass dome around my head, my dad set me down while he did his work on the shuttle.
I saw an interesting rock that caught my eye, it was crystal like, but it was 5ft away, I got up on my small feet, I shook a little, trembling in nervousness, I lifted one foot out, and just as I usually saw my parents do, I stepped forward, and I took six more steps when I was at the rock, it didn't take much strength to lift it at my age, due to the gravity being less thick as Earth's. My dad looked from his work to check on me, and to his surprise, I was 6ft away standing on two legs holding a probably 2lb rock, the shock on his face was unforgettable.

4 years had passed, my parents still hadn't thought of a name for me, I was 7 by then. It was my birthday, and my dad had thousands of wonderful gadgets that he had made me, he showed me how they all worked and how to use them and what to use them for. After eating dry brownies that my mom had made, my parents told me to sit on the couch. My mother said to me "over the years, we have noticed that you have had an endless attraction to the Red Lion logo on our space shuttle. So your father and I have come up with the best birthday gift you could ever get" my dad interrupted "Son, we have a name for you now." My eyes grew wide in suspense, curious and anxious to hear what my name was going to be. Then my mom said "what do you think of Lion Eyes?" I replied "I love it! Thanks mom!" and that was my name from then on.

4 more years went by, I was 12 now, I looked up as a huge space craft prepared for landing, its gears came down, steam left its jet engines, I looked up to my mom and said "Who is in there?" my mom replied "our new neighbors"...